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Do I Need Work Experience To Find A Job With an Agency?

Work experience and qualifications will open up more doors when it comes to job offers from a recruitment agency. Agencies will try their best to match up your qualifications and experience to the clients (employers) they use. School leavers with minimal experience may still find recruitment agencies helpful and agencies do have facilities that can be used to train up employees in basic administration and computer skills.


Why Not Just Apply For Jobs Directly?

There is always the option to apply for jobs directly with employers. However, agencies do have a wide number of employers who will only use recruitment agencies to find their employees. Some employers will not advertise using traditional methods but will leave recruitment up to the agencies. Employees through agencies have usually been vetted and employers recognise they are getting a high standard of candidate. Many employees also work as temporary workers through agencies while looking for their ideal job.


What Is The Registration Process?

You will need to register for an agency before they can find work for you. The registration process will usually take a few hours and include filling out forms containing work experience, qualifications, and personal details. Depending on the type of job there may actually be tests to sit. For example, applying for administrators positions may require basic typing and computer tests to assess the candidate’s skill levels.


Will Agencies Take A Big Cut From My Salary?

The amount charged will depend on whether the job is temporary or permanent. If an employee is placed in a permanent position then the amount charged will usually be a one-off percentage of the employee’s salary; but this is paid by the client.


What Is A Temporary To Permanent Position?

A temporary employee will sometimes be offered a permanent position within the company they are working for. If this is the case then the recruitment agency may charge the employer a finding fee. However, this payment might not be applied if the temp has been employed with a company for a set period of time.


Do I Have To Accept Any Temp Job I Am Offered?

You do not need to take a job if it is offered to you by the recruitment agency. In most cases it is wise to not accept a job that you know you will be unhappy in. Good recruitment agencies will try to find the best match for their candidates.


Is Sick Pay And Holiday Entitlement Available?

Recruitment agencies should pay sick pay and holiday entitlement to their candidates if they are in paid positions. If a candidate is paying National Insurance contributions then they should be entitled to sick pay. Holiday pay will usually worked out at one and a half days holiday for every month worked, if full-time. These conditions should be discussed with the agency at registration.

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To whom it may concern, I have found Stuart to be very professional and gifted at getting the right candidate for the position. We have been very happy with the costs associated with hiring agency staff that Castlegate charge and the administration ...

- Engineering Client (Forest of Dean)

Stuart has been an amazing find in the area of recruitment. He has always presented to me high calibre candidates for numerous positions. He has never failed to meet specific requirements set for office and production staff. I would not hesitate to make ...

- Bryan Peates (Engineering Client - Forest of Dean)

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